I use tumblr now.

I post sketches and stuff there, I'll get a portfolio site up soon with link.
Hope you are having a swell day, internet adventurer. 

Sorry guys. 

Sketchbook stuff. 
Bubblegum haired Princes.

I ship one of these. 
Gross Kyler drawings. 

Boards for an idea around a gibbon trying to find a friend.
A few classmates and I went to a Gibbon sanctuary, surprisingly 
their lives aren't that different than ours. DRAMA BOMBS BE DROPPIN

 Botched business card doodles. 

Animator Quotes I

 From the quote wall. 

I wish my gifs weren't so scary. I'm starting to like alarmingly fast gifs though. 

This is so scary. 

Twerk Team! Assemble!

Sketch Dump. 

Guys, Copics.

Oh wow. I'm really starting to love copics. Doodling is so much more enjoyable. 
Drawing women twerking is so much fun. 
 Figure drawings from today. I really didn't want to draw the model. 
Storyboards for an arbitrary film about seapigs having a party that is inadvertently interrupted by a manta ray who just wants to party with them. The four bottom thumbnails are just doodles of the idea.
Film stuff. Its about a fisherman and a water woman/mermaidladything.
I figured out the local colours for them, but not in the film. Gotta make it work!
 Teachers and classmates, 
more teachers and classmates.
Some dubious likenesses and gesture drawings.